By: The Schonberger Family (Thornhill)

Our house was listed with another realtor and we got absolutely no activity other than a very low offer that we were not interested to deal with. When the listing expired with the other realtor, we called Joseph Bitton. Joseph sold six of our neighbours' houses, and he made such a great impression on us when we first spoke with him, that we knew right away that he was the one we would entrust with the sale of our house. Joseph pointed out a few issues that might have been the reasons why our listing expired without selling and we followed his good advice. Joseph’s vast marketing experience and strategy generated 12 offers on our house on the first day and it was amazing to watch his professional negotiating skills at work as he negotiated each of the offers and got our house sold for $47,100.00 more than our asking price!! We have seen firsthand the results of his professional, friendly, no-pressure approach to real estate. He far exceeded our expectations, and we would confidently recommend him to our family and friends

By: David and Sharon Beaty Richmond Hill, ON.

Thank you for all your help with the sale of our home. From our first meeting through to the final deal, you were totally professional and friendly. Your knowledge of the real estate market and your hard work on our behalf was more than we expected and very much appreciated. This alone would have us recommend you to anyone buying or selling a home, but it was your honesty and decency in this competitive world that made the biggest impact on us, and made it a pleasure to do business with you.

By: Peggy Abraham, Thornhill

Joseph Bitton is simply the best. Period. I met with the other leading brokers before deciding on him. He was my first pick. Joseph goes way beyond what other brokers are even capable of. He is a gentleman of intelligence, integrity, and unflappable energy. He helped me when I needed help, solved all problems, and surpassed everyone's expectations. He has a can-do attitude and most importantly, he DELIVERS! Without hesitation, I recommend Joseph Bitton. I will happily talk or correspond with anyone who needs encouragement or reassurance. I feel strongly that Joseph's level of professionalism needs to be rewarded in his field and should be the benchmark for other brokers.

By: Vivian Rabinovitch (Thornhill)

Hi Joe, Where do I begin to thank you for the invaluable peace of mind that you have given me....I remember the first day that we sat down together at my kitchen table. You described your comprehensive services, and told me “this is not just a job for me; I really try to make people happy.” At the time, I thought that you were giving me a sales pitch. On the other hand, I knew that you had a stellar recommendation from close friends of mine, who had used your services several times over the years. This was all the assurance that I required to sign up with you. Little did I know that your words to me that day were truly part of your MODUS OPERANDI....and that above all you are a real mentsch. As my husband was ill, I was carrying the total responsibility for preparing the house to sell, and packing up. From day one, you guided and supported me through every step of the process. You arranged for tradesmen, you brought the necessary supplies, and you personally shlepped for me at all hours of the day. Thanks to you, my house was sold in 1 week. With your soft spoken guidance and expertise, you also helped me find the perfect condo the following week. Your sense of humour and going above and beyond the extra mile, allowed me to care for my husband, and move through the process with a smile on my face. What stands out for me, and is so appreciated, is the fact that I never felt pressured into making a decision. You guided me, but never pushed. You transformed an extremely stressful time in my life....and for that I will always be grateful. With everlasting appreciation,

By: Dr. and Mrs. Cory Ross (Thornhill)

We always felt that our best interests were at the forefront and we never felt pressured. We really enjoyed meeting and building a relationship with Joseph. We appreciated his professionalism, integrity, trustworthiness, warm personality and expertise. Joseph has a way of placing his clients at the centre. His client-centric approach helped us navigate the system and always kept us abreast of the situation. His legal background was a major plus with respect to the counsel provided around the various contracts and his knowledge of network referral such as inspection and renovations were an added bonus. You helped find the perfect house for us. We love it - and are thankful that we had such a positive experience during the buying process (and selling our house as well). There are lots of agents in the city, but we wanted to work with an agent who we liked and trusted. We were so lucky to find Joseph. I would not hesitate to recommend Joseph Bitton. In fact I have already passed his name on to my family members, colleagues and friends.

By: Phyllis & Aaron Bensoussan (Toronto)

Dear Joseph, We want to thank you for your amazing work in finding us the exact condo unit we were looking for in the perfect location. You not only found us the perfect condo but you also negotiated an incredible price and helped us to secure a mortgage rate which was the absolute lowest around! If that wasn't enough you also organized an affordable and quality renovation of our new condo and even helped to find us a great mover. There is a lot of added value in your service- you are truly a “one stop real estate centre”. Your professionalism, expertise and wonderful manner put us at ease and made what is normally such a stressful process smooth and carefree!

By: Elaine & Yves Ohayon (Toronto)

Dear Joseph: You Are A Winner!! Thank you so much for your help in finding our dream home. You have met all of my standards and they are very high as to what a sales executive should be. You are punctual, bright and courteous. You follow through and you check how you are doing against the buyer’s goals. Perfect! I will use you as an example to hold up to my salespeople.

By: Shelley and Larry Weissmann (Thornhill)

Dear Joe, What a phenomenal experience our home purchase has been with you. You are the consummate in customer service. From the start you were right there by our side guiding us through all the steps needed in order to get the perfect home we were looking for. It was such a relief to have you answer your own phone and being there at a moment’s notice. You referred us to a great mortgage broker and after the purchase your referrals to contractors, window and door companies etc were invaluable to us. You met us at the house when decisions needed to be made and guarded us against any wrong decision making. Your experience and knowledge were invaluable. Without you we truly would have lost the home. Listening and acting on your advice clinched us getting our contract in before anyone else and without that we would still be searching. As you know this is the third or fourth home our extended family has purchased with you. All the things we had heard about you as a person and a businessman were true. You never rushed us into a home purchase and got us into newly listed homes quickly, you kept asking us were we sure this was the house for us, and did we really love it, you asked us over and over at various times if we felt the location was right and the community was for us. You really were more concerned for us than in a commission cheque. We are truly blessed that you came into our lives. You are the only Realtor we will ever use and the only we one we would recommend. I want to thank you so very much for all your hard work and kindness.

By: Dave Diamond, (Founding partner of Diamond & Diamond Personal Injury Lawyers)

I can't say enough about Joe Bitton’s professionalism, true caring nature, and extensive knowledge/connections. With over 30 years of experience, Joe’s knowledge of the market is on the highest level. Throughout listing our home for sale and finding the perfect home to purchase, Joe was easily accessible and always provided honest, practical advice. I've worked with a lot of realtors, and Joe is the most service-oriented realtor I have ever worked with. As a personal injury lawyer with 35 years of negotiating for my own clients, I can say that Joe is one of the most skilled negotiators I have ever seen. If you want the best possible price, selling or buying, Joe’s the guy to call.

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